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Ceramic Notepad

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The Original Ceramic Notepad has been sculpted initially from plaster, moulded and then made entirely out of clay. This smart jotter can be used to make those lists or leave little notes for your loved ones.

Supplied with a dry wipe pen (black) to write on the ceramic with, wipes or washes off easily. The hole through the top not only mimics a spiral jotter but also keeps the pen and pad together for convenient use.

Also for use with chinagraph pencils or even permanent markers - they just wash off with water.

To clean and keep grease free – it ain’t rocket science – simply use a dry or damp cloth/tissue, or wash it up with your cups and plates even bung it in the dishwasher!

To display on the wall, simply hang on a nail (or 2 if you prefer!) Or just leave it on a desk or surface (protective bumper pads on base)

Dimensions approx 15cm x 12 cm x 1.5 cm