Short film commission

This beautifully shot video showcases myself, along with some of the talent that I share a working environment with at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, central London.

Sussie Ahlburg is a photographer with a gentle eye and nature, she has worked with me regularly on product shots. We commissioned her to show us her interpretation of what we do.

CREATE 2012 - London Souvenirs - Thorsten van Elten

We worked with Thorsten (or Theo) in the last couple of months to take Barnaby Barford’s designs and translate them into a three dimensional reality.

Working from Barnaby’s drawings, each cute house (no bigger than 8cm tall) was modelled, moulded, cast (bone china) and glazed. The studio was like a monopoly board gone mad on property!

Sold as a set of 5, the front (see below) and back (see further below) have decals of infamous East London Shops'n'Houses applied to them

See other items in the CREATE project at Theo and purchase your very own street

who we've worked with...

Since 1995 Helen Johannessen has worked with a long list of lovely clients. This mainly involves model making, mould making, slipcasting and prototyping.


(works still being added - be sure to keep popping back)

Sena Gu - Studio Gu

Sena is a recent talent from The Royal College of Art. Yoyo has worked on a couple of pieces with her. What we love about her work is the initial simplicity, yet upon a closer look, each ceramic creation has the most carefully considered detail.

We love her obsession with cauliflowers and lemons too…take a peek at more of Sena’s work at Studio Gu

Takae Mizutani

Takae designed these cute ceramics, usually with a food related theme. We modelled and moulded. Just imagine a bit of Swiss Roll on that snail plate!

Takae Mizutani & Sons

Jacqui Chanarin

We worked with ceramic artist Jacqui on a number of her sculptural cast pieces. Modern ‘ornaments’ perhaps is a way to describe them.

Jacqui sells pieces in The New Museum in New York where you can read more about her.

Adele Brydges for Coco de Mer

We worked with Adele who was commissioned to design accessories for the Erotic Boutique based in London and LA - entitled “Adele Brydges Loves Coco de Mer’

See more work from Adele or for more in the designer sex toy collection at Coco

Peter Ibreugger

Peter is an fine artsist who has realised some of his ideas and illustrations into ceramics with our help over the years

See the varied (and sometimes risque) ceramics and other work from Peter

Liz Emtage and Kim Robertson

A collaborative project between Liz, a ceramicist and Kim, a textile artist. This is a new venture for them into casting; producing these fresh tealight holders/vases.

Liz hand makes porcelain lighting and Kim prints on fabrics and produces stationery products

David Weatherhead

David came to studio Yoyo as a student of The Royal College of Art. I have never made a bigger mould before (or since!) Press moulded, and the size of a decent sized cardboard box…

Am loving his Round and Round calendar on his website

Molly & Berts

Jo Heckett and her husband set up Molly & Berts in 2007 to show a little bit of London life with modern graphics and cockney ryhming.

They produce printed T-Shirts and ceramics…which is, of course, where we came!

Check out their alternative London souvenirs

Erica Gohdes

Erica was a student at Goldsmiths when she approached us with her ‘different perspective’ project. Each cup is an isometric drawing translated literally in 3D. Some pieces were painstakingly hand built in slices of clay to achieve the effects. The one on the far left was the most feasible to work as a cute 'drawing’ realised


Flavia Del Pra

Flavia and I used to share a studio in North London…until she (sadly) moved back to Brazil with her flamboyant approach to ceramics and pattern. I worked on her with the lamp bases and am happy to say that I own the lamp on the left here…

For a feast for the eyes and more daring colour schemes!

Claire Coles

Textile and wallpaper stitcher extraordinaire Claire steps into the world of porcelain. She and I developed her floral vases shown here…

… and we have been working on collaborative projects. You can now buy Claire Coles in the Yoyo Shop

Martina Von Meyenburg

Swiss born Martina is a conceptual artist who needed to realise her ideas in ceramic form.

We aided her with this project…

See more about Martina and her work on Design Boom

Alon Meron & Rory Hooper

Alon and Rory approached me as RCA graduates with a computer rendered drawing to translate a into porcelain piece (entitled Thank God It’s Friday) This sculpture was slip cast and then hand assembled upside down directly onto a kiln shelf. The 60cm long piece was then fired and turned right way up with fingers firmly crossed…

One of the most challenging concepts to work out and produce to date.

Alon is a product designer and Rory a jeweller

Alon Meron

We continued work with Alon on his Buba - a ceramic character who is a dark take on the tooth fairy

Read more about Alon


This was a design commission for Mediacom (London) Meet & Eat cafe. The brief was to create a small vase to take a stem and small bunch of flowers to go with the interior of their new in house eatery for staff and clients. Simple.