Who are Yoyo?

Yoyo Ceramics is more than a shop of wonderful goodies. Founder and chief designer/maker is Helen Johannessen.  What happens in the London studio is more than work for the brand of Yoyo, Helen has worked for numerous clients since 1995 on consulting, modelling/mould making through to prototyping if need be.

She is a trained ceramist with particular expertise in modelling and mould making, working for many clients over the years, big (and smaller) It’s all fun and diverse - which is what we thrive on (see commissions)

What is mould making exactly?

Helen’s favourite tool (next to measuring implements) is her lathe for turning plaster shapes, used for cylindrical shapes (can be altered).

Working from drawings that are simple profiled or lines, with measurements from all necessary angles (no need for complex CAD rendered stuff here) the stages after modelling are:-

1. Block (the first mould from the model - 1 or 2 prototypes can be cast at this stage if required, any more and the block will start to wear)

2. Case (the master copy of block - usually made in silicone rubber, sometimes a special, very hard plaster)

3. Working moulds (these are taken from the Casing (see point 2) - each mould can last about 50-60 casts in it’s lifespan. If you want, say 100 pieces, you will need about 10 or more working moulds to put into production)

Consultancy/private tuition booking

We provide a Constultancy Service (charged at an hourly rate - 1 hour can usually iron out any issues and answer all questions in 60 minutes- but you can have as much time as you like) For most kinds of ceramic design from prototyping to production advice (through to selling and general business advice)

Helen has 20 years of experience and can help with advising on each step of the process from designing and putting into production. 

Just contact us to discuss further.

We can work on functional, industrial or sculptural work on most scales. If you have no or little prior experience of ceramic production then a consultancy session is advisable, it will save you time and money in the long run - guaranteed!

Having model making experience in the film industry, projects in other materials such as rubbers, resins foams etc are something we can also discuss.

If you already have drawings and just want a quote, then email to the address below.

Email us at design@yoyoceramics.co.uk or call +44 (0)794 108 7372.

You can book an appointment at our central London studio WC1 (Holborn/Russell Square/Chancery Lane).

Yes, but what is Yoyo all about?

Ah ha, I see, the other side to Yoyo is (unless you have just landed directly on this page) is all the other ceramicy stuff we design and produce that you see in the Shop

Some of Yoyo’s designs have been licensed out to bigger companies, enabling the creativity to flow more freely and productively– you don’t just want us wrapping up stuff and queuing in the post office do you?!

The company was set up in 2003 and launched at 100% Design at Earls Court.Is that Plastic? captured the imagination of many press and shops around the world. Since then, a new shapes/colours have been added to the collection, with other ranges that you can see around the site too.

The main aim is to have fun in the studio developing and creating, perhaps even bring a smile to people’s faces with our work. All ideas are taken into the ceramic form (for now – we might make something else in another material one day - who knows)

We have lots of events, shows and new products throughout the year at no particular time. Remember to join our mailing list and follow our antics!

Oh, and in the last year there has been some collaborative work happening. Stayed tuned.

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We exhibit regularly throughout the year across the United Kingdom and further afield. Keep an eye on the News page for upcoming events or sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to find out first.